2016 Global Unity Kickoff 911 Bracelet Challenge


Submitted by: MDCAN

MDCAN (Metro Detroit Compassionate Action Network) kicked off its participation in the 2016 Global Unity Compassion Games with a 911 Bracelet Challenge at Partner (sub-team) Renaissance Unity Church on Sunday September 11, 2016. For a donation of $9.11 (most gave $10.00) participants received 3 MDCAN bracelets, one to wear as a reminder of the random acts of kindness or good works they would perform, and 2 others to give to anyone caught doing or challenged to do a compassionate act. $551.00 was raised to split between a local charity and MDCAN to help it continue spreading the compassion message.

The first set of bracelets was given to a RU congregant who found a way to relieve the suffering of bus riders in this summer’s sweltering heat by distributing bottles of cold water to those waiting for buses along a 10-mile route. His story deeply touched listeners and ignited a desire to be more compassionate. As a result, approximately 55 churchgoers purchased MDCAN’s bracelets and pledged to participate in the compassion challenge. They were also directed to the compassion games site where they will get lots of ideas about how to show their compassion during the games and beyond. This was a very gratifying experience for me and other members of MDCAN.

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