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The Corporate Governance Committee ensures the board of directors’ effectiveness and continuing development by:
1. Formulating and recommending governance principles and policies that will further the stated mission, goals and purposes of the organization.
2. Developing and recommending a set of corporate governance guidelines, which will consider size and composition of the board, qualifications and criteria for election to the board and the structure and composition of and membership on board committees.
3. Developing and recommending position descriptions detailing responsibilities and expectations for board members and the board chairperson.
4. Enhancing the quality of board nominations.
5. Ensuring integrity of the board nominating process.
6. Seeking qualified individuals to serve on the board, identifying and evaluating potential Director Candidates and recommending nominees proposed for election or reelection to the board. To facilitate this responsibility, the committee will:
a. Develop and recommend to the board a statement of the competencies and personal attributes currently needed on the board, to be used as a guideline for recruitment and election of board members.
b. Conduct a “gap analysis” to identify succession planning and recruitment needs.
c. Develop and regularly update a list of potential board members, regardless of whether a current vacancy exists.
d. Oversee a process for vetting the fitness of prospective nominees.
e. Develop and oversee a plan for enhancing board diversity.
f. Evaluate the performance of individual board members eligible for reelection.
g. Design and hold an orientation for new board members as needed.
7. Recommending formation of committees, chairs and board members assigned to each committee.
8. Leading the board in its annual review of the performance of the board and its committees.
9. Conducting annual review of corporate bylaws and recordkeeping and recommending any needed revisions.
10. Annual review of organization activity to assure compliance with State and Federal statutory requirements for nonprofit corporations and tax exempt/tax deductible status.
11. Advise board on plan for annual board retreat and ongoing education for board members.

We are still looking for compassionate, energetic, creative, dedicated folks to serve on MDCAN’s board of Directors and we could use some additional talent on the Governance Committee. If you believe that you have talent and time to share, please Contact Us, indicating your background and interest. To be eligible for consideration, you must have signed the Charter for Compassion and be a member or partner of MDCAN.