The Metro Detroit Compassionate Action Network (MDCAN) brings like-minded people and organizations together to network regarding their compassionate activities.

MDCAN is an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of compassionate action and to spark participation in creating a compassionate community. Our Mission is to bring people together to improve the conversation and create a compassionate region through open discussion of like-minded individuals, local governments and organizations that share a vision of compassion to have a greater positive impact on society.

A grass roots organization, MDCAN is not affiliated with any one religion or church. The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

MDCAN is the Metro Detroit representative of the Compassionate Action Network International, and our members and partners subscribe to the International Charter for Compassion.

MDCAN serves as a catalyst helping cities and organizations become part of the Compassionate Action Network International. MDCAN provides programs and Roundtable networking for businesses, political subdivisions, health care organizations, educational entities, interfaith partners and social service organizations. We help connect volunteers with our partners to increase participation in our partners’ compassionate activities.

MDCAN will use its website, Facebook and other social media connections to publicize compassionate activities by our organization or its partners. We will organize the local participation in the International Compassionate Games and other compassionate activities.

The Metro Detroit Compassionate Action network has individual members and organizational partners. Membership is free, although donations would be appreciated. Either individuals or organizations can also become sponsors of the Metro Detroit Compassionate Action Network.