The 2015 Annual Compassion Games Results!

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The 2015 Annual Compassion Games Results!

In September, 2015, people from around the globe participated in the 2015 Annual Compassion Games.

The results are in, and we want to share them with you now.

MDCAN made a decent showing for our first real attempt to participate.  Though we didn’t achieve the participation we would have hoped, we planted a seed that will continue to grow.  And we learned some lessons about how to make this more effective next year.

Our scoreboard results are below.  Take a minute to look at some of the submissions from our area.  They are awesome!

Local Compassion Game Results

Scoreboard Results for MDCAN :

# of Reports              16

# of Volunteers         40

# of Hours                 282

# People Served      242

# Dollars                    $200

Global results

In 2015, over 190 teams and players making up over 25,000 volunteers submitted 1,000 reports to the Compassion Report Map. It is remarkable to think that this added up to half a million people (527,627!) who were directly served and impacted as a result of the Games. Wow!

Results are tallied in numbers, but this quantification doesn’t capture the heart that resides behind each report’s story and personal experiences.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to creating a compassionate Metro Detroit.

Metro Detroit Compassionate Action Network (MDCAN)